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AdaptX Level One Certification

A comprehensive course on creating and growing successful adaptive fitness programs.
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You will have access to 8 written modules, 9 video modules, and 3 webinars where you will learn the intricate details that influence programming for athletes with intellectual and physical disabilities and how to run successful adaptive fitness programs. Click "View Course" above for an in-depth look into the curriculum

Bonus Resources
Improving the Health, Wellness, and Performance of the Adaptive Athlete eBook
- New Athlete Assessment Questionnaire
- Sample Programs (Videos, Excel Templates, PDFs)
- Custom AdaptX Banner with your company’s logo and the label “Inclusive Fitness Center”
- AdaptX Apparel

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You will have the opportunity:
- To book a consult call with the creator of the course, Brendan Aylward
- To join a networking page for our community of AdaptX professionals to share ideas and projects
- To immediately access new and improved material

* Disclaimer * - AdaptX does not insure professionals who take the course. AdaptX-certified coaches are expected to carry their own liability insurance or have coverage through the agency that they are employed by. If you have any questions regarding, email us at


“If you are a special educator who is interested in creating exercise opportunities for some of your students with disabilities, Unified Health and Performance has the perfect resource to get you started. You will learn a variety of carefully sequenced physical activities, based on the same strong teaching strategies you implement in your classroom and tailored to meet specific student needs.” 
Dr. Linda Dacey, Professor Emeritus, Lesley University
“These training modules are informative and relevant for educators, fitness and health professionals, and others who aim to promote health and fitness among individuals with disabilities. I am glad there are people out there like you with a focus on health and disability – you are helping to bridge the gap.”
Dr. Heidi Stanish, Dept. of Exercise and Health Sciences, UMass Boston
“The AdaptX program has been the missing link in the fitness and rehabilitation industry. This program will help health care providers and coaches bridge the gap after children with disabilities no longer receive therapy services offered in school. I think this will allow more coaches/trainers to offer services to these populations with the knowledge necessary to understand different behavioral patterns, learning styles, and common limitations.” 
Dr. Danielle Kroot, DPT, Owner of Finish Line Physical Therapy

AdaptX Athlete Scholarship Fund

We have partnered with Easter Seals of Massachusetts to create this endowment fund that will provide financial assistance for athletes to train with AdaptX coaches. 
40% of all course sales will go into this fund